A drug that is used in India as well as abroad for almost over 4 years in order to control blood sugar level has been observed to also lessen the kidney damage due to diabetics by almost 30 percent. A discovery that possibly will have an enormous impact over diabetes management.

The medicine, canagliflozin, that is a sodium glucose transporter 2 inhibitor, also benefits the in reducing the danger of cardiovascular difficulties. That includes heart failure, as per a recently published study in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The study that was commenced in the year 2014. Approximately 13,000 patients of diabetes as well as chronic kidney disease, comprising almost 144 from India, were employed to evaluate the effectiveness of canagliflozin in precluding & dipping kidney damage.

Further, these individuals were divided into 2 groups; one that was getting canagliflozin along with the added standard treatment. Whereas the other was receiving a dummy pill accompanied by the standard treatment. Merely about 4,400 people were treated under the experiment for approximately 2.5 years. When the independent monitors stopped the analysis over discovering that the drug was evidently aiding.

Drug slashes kidney failure risk by almost 30%

The analysis over canagliflozin was headed by scientists from The George Institute of Public Health (TGIPH). Lead author professor Vlado Perkovic of TGIPH held, in the media statement, that there should be an urgent requirement for this innovative treatment seeing the upsurging ratio of diabetes.

“Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure worldwide. But for almost two decades there have been no new treatments to protect kidney function. This definitive trial result is a major medical breakthrough. As people with diabetes and kidney diseases are at extremely high risk of kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, and death. We now have a very effective way to reduce this risk using a once-daily pill,” he states.

The scientists state that the results that were offered at the ISN World Congress of Nephrology could be applied immediately since the drug is now available.

In the NEJM analysis, an investigation revealed the number of individuals developing kidney failure. Or even dying from sue to renal failure. Or else cardiovascular disease was dipped by around 30% over the administration of canagliflozin. Hospitalization for heart failure amongst the patients who got the drug with the standard treatment lessened by more than 39%. There was no augmented risk of any major side-effects, the investigation proved.

Topmost medical professionals dealing with diabetes as well as kidney diseases in India have named the analysis & its outcome as a key breakthrough that might aid in saving a number of lives.