Recently, customs authorities of Northeastern Chinese city had destroyed approximately thirty thousand world maps that displayed Arunachal Pradesh as well as Taiwan as an individual country.

As per several reports it was one of the biggest step taken since past few years as well as was executed in order to protect China’s territorial integrity. Also, these maps were in English and were made by a Chinese company, located in its province called, Anhui.

In addition, Beijing claims Arunachal Pradesh as China’s part as well as is showed on its approved maps as of south Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) part. Moreover, Beijing contemplates Taiwan, as a self-governing democracy, as an independent province to be ultimately united.

Performing on a tip off, customs officers of Qingdao city in Shandong province raided an organization as well as detained over 800 boxes that consisted approximately 28,908 world maps.

“A total of 803 boxes of the 28,908 wrong maps were seized and destroyed, the largest amount to be disposed of in recent years,” the province’s Natural Resources ministry announced at a recently held press conference.

Further, these documents were taken to an undisclosed location and then shredded.

Several relevant experts have enquired on domestic map market about 100 times and found more than 10,000 incorrect maps that were destroyed by them immediately, so as to avoid their sale in any market.

Beijing is against Indian leaders visiting Arunachal Pradesh, also considering Arunachal Pradesh as an Indian state is depicted as very sensitive matter.

Furthermore, China had changed the names of around 6 places in Arunachal Pradesh in April, 2017, as an ostensible retaliation alongside the visit of Dalai Lama to easternmost states of India.

Moreover, changing names of the places was a legitimate action accomplished in line with the Chinese regulation, the foreign ministry had then stated, further adding that it supported Beijing’s regional claim.

Beijing has raised its pressure over international firms as well as airlines since past few months, for referring Taiwan as China’s portion on websites as part of actions to declare its authority over Taiwan.