There The leading U.S. business lobby in China state on Wednesday that almost half of its members are looking for non-tariff barrier revenge in China. This is due to the result of the gradually harsh trade war between Washington and Beijing.

The American Chamber of Commerce of China stating a recent survey of members on the influence of tariffs. Also, state that around 40.7% of respondents were considering manufacturing facilities outside China.

US and China

However, 250 respondents to the survey conduct after the US and China raise tariffs on each other’s importations this month. Nearly three quarters said the influence of tariffs was hurting their affordability.

To survive, around one-third of companies mention they were highly focusing their operations on increasing of Chinese consumers. However, another one third said they were implementing and canceling investment results.

Members said they face huge difficulties like government inspections, slower approval for licensing, and slower customs clearance.

The chamber mentions in February that many of its members favor the US retentive tariffs on Chinese goods. Though, Beijing and Washington try to hammer out an agreement to end the trade war.

At the time, that was fine before the latest tariffs, the chamber said that around 19% of companies were regulating supply chains. However, around 28% were canceling or delaying investment decisions in China.

The United States business community in China recently has advocated a tough line unfair Chinese trade policies.

Trade negotiations among the US and China have turned dramatically from the month of May. The following round of discussion ended with no movement. Trump is raising tariffs 25% from 10% on Chinese importations. And threaten to force duties on remaining Chinese goods retail in the United States.

There are no new discussions recently happening. However, a severer tone from Beijing has advice that discussions may be unlikely to continue soon.