According to the report, China will provide 2.5 US$ billion in loans to Pakistan to increase the foreign exchange reserves of its “all-weather ally”. Pakistan is presently seeing exhausted foreign currency reserves and rising external loan.

The country’s 8.12 US$ billion assets, which are lower the least level that the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) prescribe, are enough to cover only 7 weeks of imports. Because of this, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and World Bank are not providing loans for budget financing.

A Top Finance Ministry official reported, “Beijing will credit the 2.5 US$ million in deposits with the central bank.”

With the estimated 2.5 US$ billion credits, China’s contribution in this economic year alone would boost to 4.5 US$ billion, According to the report.

Pakistan already struggled to maintain assets which are not presently satisfactory to cover even 2 months of importations despite getting 4 US$ billion in loans from middle-Eastern nations.

In July, China credited 2 US$ billion in the State Bank of Pakistan. Since past five years, China has developed as Pakistan’s single major redeemer in the period of fiscal crisis.

After coming into authority, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan visited UAE, Saudi Arabia, and China to organize emergency loans to evade a looming default.

As per the report Pakistan has secured 14.5 US$ billion wealth of commitments from China, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE that have helped broadly in terms of external economic gap of the current financial year.

Before coming into power, Imran Khan was critical of taking loans to run the nation but because of the very low level of foreign currency reserves and economic requirements above 25 US$ billion, he pursued loans from other nations.

Saudi Arabia will offer a 6 US$ billion fiscal assistance package, that comprised 3 US$ billion in short period loans at an interest of 3.18%.

“The modalities for 3 US$ billion oil on delayed payments were confirmed this week and further arrangement would be signed on 16th February at the time of visit of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman”, the State Bank of Pakistan Governor Tariq Bajwa stated on Thursday.

The UAE has approved to provide 3 UD$ billion in loans at an interest around 3% and has already paid 1 US$ billion. Pakistan has agreed these deposits for period of 1 to 3 years but these are expected to be rolled over, said the Finance Ministry reports.