Coca-Cola to capitalize on the obsession Americans have towards flavored sparkling water. Especially considering the same is garnering popularity tremendously among the youth. Owing to this increased market demand it has announced another seltzer line which would be a part of its premium smart water brand.

The company is currently launching sparking smart water in three flavors, in the regions of North America. The flavors that are being launched are Fuji apple pear, raspberry rose and strawberry blood orange for its premium brand of Smartwater. These flavors are expected to be available for sell across the shelves by this weekend.

Smartwater started experimenting with various types of flavored sparking varieties some years ago in the European country. Realizing the growth prospects and market dynamics, currently Coca-Cola is eyeing the American market for the future.

There is a huge demand for drinks that come with nutritional value or maybe contain some portion of caffeine among the consumers of America. Along with this the demand for healthy, low-sugar and other healthy options are also sought for. Sparkling water meet all these requirements of the American consumers along with ensuring sales and consumption by the American buyers.

Seltzer is a carbonated water that is infused with carbon dioxide gas and kept under pressure. The final result is a bubbly drink and often contains salt to enhance the taste. Recent research have indicted growth in sales by almost 100% for the Seltzer in United States during the period of 2013-2018. The increased demand and sales has helped further helped Coke. The sales of North Americas sparkling water has increased by 19% last year as analyzed by a research firm. The trend is incomplete without the presence of flavored sparkling water.

Brad Spickert, the senior vice president of hydration for Coca-Cola in North America, mentioned that unsweetened flavored sparkling water is growing due to various exciting options as the company is looking for expansion and future growth plans. He also mentioned that there has been a huge growth being happening in the industry.

Coca-Cola already has some products in the sparkling water category like Dasani sparkling, Topo Chico and Seagram’s club soda. These drinks are available in variety of flavors and are popular among all. However, the vapor-distilled smartwater that comes with electrolytes and is marketed by celebrity Jennifer Aniston, is considered to belong to the premium category of products among the Coke’s other brands.

Currently there are various types of Smartwater available in the market which have various health benefits and are full of proteins and antioxidants. Coca-cola recently launched a smoothie drink and is currently working on a line of non-alcoholic beverages that work with cocktails, for example spiced giner mule and sangria.