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Coronavirus Cases Spike in Michigan

The health officials warned of a potential fourth wave of Coronavirus infections. Michigan has become one of the most pressing hotspots, with average daily infections now five times what they were six weeks ago. According to the new data by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services shows this dramatic surge is due in large part to cases spiking among children and teenagers.

The data showed that since February 19, the average new Coronavirus cases among children under 10 jumped 230%, more than any other age group. The second-highest increase in infections is in the 10 to 19 age group, which saw cases rise 227%. The trends in these groups exceed that of the state as a whole.

The rise in cases among kids has been evident elsewhere across the country. In Minnesota, people under age 20 made up nearly a quarter of reported cases in March, up from less than 15% at the end of February. Similar trends have been seen in other states as well, including Illinois and Massachusetts. The American Academy of Pediatrics said that more than 64,000 new cases in children were reported nationwide between March 18 and March 25, the highest weekly total in a month.

Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian, the senior public health physician at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, said that social gatherings after youth sporting events are contributing to the spread of Coronavirus.  The physicians and infectious disease experts in Michigan said that pediatric cases are linked to the reopening of schools and youth sports. State data shows more than 40% of new outbreaks have come from either K-12 schools or youth programs.

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