People who crave for spicy food fully understand the magic of aromas. Foodies all over the world know that having spicy food isn’t a cream puff. As per the medical professionals, spicy food not simply satiates your taste buds. Nevertheless, it even speeds up the process of metabolism by growing the temperature as well as the heart rate of the body. Also, spicy food is rich in Capsaicin a chemical that leads to sweating. Thus, when you consume something too spicy it is considered as a workout. If you are someone who enjoys spices, then below are some of the countries you should visit that offer spiciest food across the world.


As a popular tourist destination, Thailand has a superfluity of street food stalls that provide the spiciest fried dishes & soups. Here, the food made has got a lot of aromatic herbs as well as spices that add to the popularity of the food across the globe.


Mexican food is unfinished without chilies. Along with domestic chilies such as Jalapeno, Serrano, Poblano, Habanero & Ancho, the region offers a variety of spicy food that is value for money. Furthermore, if you’re really courageous, try Pozole.


Malaysian food has got a combination of Chinese & Indian cuisine. The highly spiced dish that Malaysia offers is Otak Otak that comprises of dried chilies mixed with minced fish & steamed in banana leaf.


When talking about real spicy food, Korea provides ‘Buldak’ which means ‘Fire-chicken.’ As per food professionals, this particular dish originates with dissimilar levels of fieriness. All you require to do is to ask for the spice level you can bear with.