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Delta Airlines Banned Several Unruly Passengers

Delta Airlines has banned nearly 1,600 people since the federal government mandated that flight passengers wear masks, and the firm now wants other airlines to share their ban lists. As of May, the number of people on those internal no-fly lists, which are separate from the federal no-fly list, had surpassed 4,000, but the number is likely to have risen since then. Because American and Southwest airlines do not release their data, this number does not include customers who have been denied boarding.

Memo reviewed by CBS News that was sent to flight attendants Wednesday, said, “We’ve also asked other airlines to share their “no fly” list to further protect airline employees across the industry – something we know is top of mind for you as well. A list of banned customers doesn’t work as well if that customer can fly with another airline.”

Delta Airlines also stated that they had submitted more than 600 names to the Federal Aviation Administration that have been prohibited. The government announced earlier this week that it had received 4,385 reports from airlines this year about rowdy passengers, with 3,199 of those reports involving individuals who refused to comply with federal mask regulations. The Transportation Security Administration confirmed last month that those regulations will be in force until January.

The FAA met with airline representatives last week to explore measures to curb rowdy behaviour, and the airlines were asked to commit to taking greater action. The FAA had previously requested that airports collaborate with local law enforcement when it came to criminal charges. In June 2020, airlines began implementing federal mask regulations, while the FAA introduced its zero-tolerance policy for disruptive behaviour in January. So far in 2021, the agency has opened 789 passenger inquiries, a significant increase over the 183 investigations it opened in 2020.

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