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Delta Pilot Shortage Leads to Flight Cancellation, Creates Havoc Among Citizens

Delta has been Cancellatino Flight over the weekend. Delta has so far suspended 74 Flights today, taking the piss out from people. The scenario is scheduled to last until tomorrow, so don’t expect the Flight to be in normal plight. The amount of  considerations is significant considering the heavyweight of the airlines. Delta had a ThanksGiving meltdown of 600 flight cancellations which it blamed on coronavirus.

During the festive period, Delta has obliged to go too extravagant with its holidays. On Christmas, the airlines observed a dozen  cancellations. Delta woes worsen as it is the only significant US airline that consistently blocks seats in all cabins. Although the company would end its policy on May 1, 2021, there seems to be a lot of infuriation on the airlines across the states.

The airlines have been under the cosh for their inconsistency towards their activities. Many people go out of their way to book  and often pay extra because of the company’s seat blocking policy. Delta needs to act swiftly and proactively to ascertain that the customers willing the services should not get deprived. is facing drastic operational issues and it could be because of the following reason: Staffing, Large number of employee vaccinations, pilot returning to active status.

Delta for the time being is moving its focus towards employing more passengers into its airlines. The company resorts to suspending its typical seat blocking policy. We could confine with the statement that the airlines are going through bizarre circumstances, but so are all other industries and enterprises. In fact, it is the third time that  is dealing with such an issue while American and the United haven’t had this issue for once. Something is hidden under the cosh and soon the details would get revealed.

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