The DHA (Dubai Health Authority) launches its smart home healthcare services at the 44th edition of the Arab Health Exhibition and Congress. This service involved in overall home care plan. The main aim of this move is to enhance home care plan and develop smart technology in the country’s healthcare landscape.

HE Humaid Al Qutami, Director General of the Dubai Health Authority reported, ‘DHA is powerful to increase the use of innovative technologies in the healthcare sector to improve patient care, improve healthcare processes, and better serve patient.

Smart home healthcare services are important to raise communication between patients, health care providers and caregivers. These technologies help to develop the quality of the care, improve overall disease management and decrease the cost of the treatment.

DHA has seen a sturdy growth in the rising demand for home care services. Around 300 patients nearly two years ago and more than 1300 patients in 2018, the growth has been multifold.

“Improving healthcare services with innovative technologies helps us to maintain patient record in electronic medical record system. This service also helps to ensure that patient records are always updated and can enable physician consultation by telemedicine when required. Smart technology significantly helps to enhance patient access to healthcare and improves efficiency, especially in a home-care service.” Said Dr. Manal Taryam, CEO at DHA.

She also reported,” The home based healthcare service is currently for citizens and it is mainly used for home-based patients, usually for aged patients; we serve patients who are unable to reach hospital because of certain medical conditions. This service is also offered to recently widowed women’s during their condolence period. Our main aim is to deliver best medical, rehabilitation, nutritional and social care for the home-bound patients. We provide the wide-ranging home-care service and only when needed, patients are sent to the hospital or medical center. All the reports of the patient’s tests and diagnosis are recorded in the specific digital file. We implement number of smart technologies for the patient’s convenience.

The smart technologies comprise the ability to interaction with doctors through smart applications for immediate advice. ‘Nurses also can directly contact the doctor by smart application for providing live medical condition and support to the homecare team, these processes ultimately reducing the waiting time for doctor consultation.

She also added, “The introduction of such smart technologies is expected to improve efficiency by 50% and decrease waiting time for getting physician consultation. These technologies include wireless devices which are directly connected to DHA’s automated health record system, to ensure that the patients all tests and diagnosis records are updated accordingly during home visit through a secure web server.

The DHA team also uses wireless devices such as auto-arm blood pressure monitors, non-contact thermometers, 4G routers, pulse oximeters, smart tablets, blood glucose monitors, pocket electrocardiograms, digital scope system, and wireless stethoscopes.

Dr. Taryam said that,” By implementing this smart home care technology DHA will increase safety and quality of care for patients, improve doctor care more timely and efficiently, thus enhancing positive patient results.