As per recent diplomatic talks between the US and Mexico, the countries have rendered unanimous agreements to curb the illegal influx of Central American immigrants into the US. Collaborative efforts are pertaining. Therefore, the US is also likely to denounce heavy tariffs on the import of Mexican goods.

The U.S is implementing heavy tariffs on Mexican goods to inflate pricing of several essential commodities such as automotive.

The inflow of Central American is effectively restricting. Therefore for Mexican migrants tariff restructuring is instrumenting after rigorous negotiations.

In the light of such fast emerging developments, Mexico is committing to enhance its border security capabilities, more emphatically along Guatemala.

Mexico to Perk up its Border Security Capabilities along Guatemala

Unaddressed infiltration into the US has continued to remain a longstanding concern. President Trump directing active efforts in curbing the situation ever since the commencement of his tenure. The scenario is expecting changes since then. The US government under the leadership of Donald Trump is facilitating several programs to adequately handle Central American migrant influx. Therefore, the outcome is limiting. Active infiltration from border areas such as Honduras and Guatemala have attained visible spikes in recent times, which has encouraged President Trump to engage in relevant talks with Mexico.

The US Likely to Extend Migration Protection Guidelines Pertaining to Asylum Applications

As per these recent talks, Mexico is agreeing to also upscale its efforts in restraining instances of human smuggling. It is anticipated to substantially limit immigration trends. Additionally, as a directive of the agreements, the US is likely to expand its Migration Protection guidelines to protect the interests of asylum applicants. The agreement has also enabled Mexico to procure US-based farming commodities in bulk.