Graying of hair is the common distress amongst the people across different age groups. There has been an era when graying of hair occurs only after a specific age nevertheless in recent years, even teens suffer from this particular problem. But why does hair turn gray before age? Here are some of the reasons to illuminate this:


The toxin atmosphere might cause the turning of your hair gray sooner. The impurities within the atmosphere generate free radicals that can damage the melanin as well as upsurge the proportion of hair aging.

Stress & Anxiety

If an individual takes loads of stress, the probabilities of getting their hair turning gray are mostly high. Stress speeds up the genetic density as well as results in alterations of hair colors. Thus, it is required to manage the stress in order to avoid graying of hair.


One might have gray hair, even though they are merely a passive smoker. Get exposing to cigarette smoke might have an effect over their hair color. As per a recent analysis, people who smoke develop around 2.5 times higher probabilities of turning their hair gray. This is another major reason why one needs to quit smoking.

Hormonal changes

Transformation in hormones is also a reason why people’s hair might be turning gray. An individual’s hair will probably lose its density, texture as well as color with time as a result of hormonal alterations. The method usually starts when an individual turns 30, possibly then many people start witnessing noteworthy changes in their hair color.

Deficiency of nutrition

If you are not including all the required essential nutrients in your diet, then your hair might start whirling gray at a very young age. A lower level of vitamin B12 might also lead to dry, thinning as well as early graying of hair.

Certain Medical Conditions

A number of autoimmune diseases can probably make your hair turn gray. Moreover, autoimmune diseases attack cells in the body, then result in early graying of hair.

Families grayed early

One of the other major reasons why an individual will end up in hair turning gray is for the reason that your parents grayed before time. From time to time the moving of your hair color depends upon your genetic factor.