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Doctors See a Surge in Rare Covid-19 Complication MIS-C

Katherine Dunn, the mother of Nolan, got worried about her son even though his doctors told her there was nothing to worry about. The doctors said that the 13-year old’s fever was just a virus. Nolan did not have a cold, cough, or sore throat. His Covid-19 tests also came back negative. Soon, his low-grade fever crept up to 104.4 degrees.

Dunn said, “That’s when I knew something was really wrong. Some people’s children spike those types of fevers, my kids never do.” When she spoke to her dad about this, he reminded her of a friend’s child with a weird syndrome called the MIS-C. MIS-C stands for the multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children.

The Doctors are unaware of the reason causing the disease, however, say kids often have Covid-19 first. Generally, the coronavirus does not cause severe infections in children, but a few develop MIS-C. The condition inflames different body parts and can be a severe issue. In the past few months, children’s hospitals around the country have reported seeing a higher number of cases even though the MIS-C instances are rare to be found.

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention said there had been 2,617 MIS-C cases before 1st March. Almost 33 children have also died of the same cause. The count had increased from early February when 2060 cases and 30 deaths had been reported.

The CDC advises parents or guardians to contact Doctors as soon as they see symptoms like fever, abdominal pain, neck pain, vomiting, rash, bloodshot eyes, etc., in their kids.

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