India is amongst the highest taxing countries in the world, the United States President Donald Trump has assumed as he has again smashed the country for imposing around 100% tariffs over American products that also include Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Such a high tariff isn’t fair, Trump stated over the National Republican Congressional Committee Annual Spring Dinner. Last year, at an event of White House for announcing his support for reciprocal tax, Trump had voiced that he was satisfied with India’s decision of reducing the import tariff over Harley-Davidson motorcycles from around 100% to 50%. “Even this is not enough, this is okay,” he added to his statement.

Trump had over and over again claimed that India was a “tariff king” as well as levied “tremendously high” tariffs over American products.

Highest taxing nations

“I got a call from Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi of India. India is one of the highest taxing nations in the world. They taxed us 100%,” Trump said, reiterating his often-heard remarks on Indian tariff structure. “They charge us 100% tariffs on goods. So they send a motorcycle — and they make a lot of them — Indian cycles. They send them to our country, we charge them nothing. We send a Harley Davidson to India and they charge us 100%. Not fair, okay. Not reciprocal. It’s not fair,” Trump voiced.

The US President clarified that how his trade policies were effectively addressing the balance over trade concern with several other countries. Trade talks with China were working very well, he added.

The world’s 2 biggest economies are locked in a trade war as Trump imposed heavy tariffs over imported steel as well as aluminum items from China since March 2018, a move that generated worries of a global trade war. Trump levied tariff hikes of around 25% over $250 billion of Chinese goods. As a result, China, Which is the world’s 2nd-largest economy after the United States, levied tit-for-tat tariffs on approximately $110 billion of American products.

Trump on Trade

Top trade officials from America & China were having talks to negotiate a comprehensive trade deal, Trump said. “I think we’re doing very well. They need the deal more than we do. They necessitated the deal. And they getting hurt badly with they’re paying 25% on $50 billion worth of technical stuff and they were going to pay 25% on another $200 billion.”

Trump stated that his administration was setting broken trade deals to safeguard the American workforces. “We are standing up to China’s chronic trading abuses and theft of intellectual properties and so many other things that they’ve done to us.

“I don’t know how you people allowed this to happen for so many years. You have been here longer than me. But they really have, they have taken advantage of our country. And you know what? I respect them for it. I say it. We should have been doing that to them.”

Trump labeled Chinese President Xi Jinping as a king

“I was in China making a speech,” he recounted. “President Xi, who is a strong man, I call him ‘king.’ He said, ‘But I am not king, I am president’. I said, ‘No, you are president for life, and therefore you are king.’ He said, ‘Huh. Huh.’ He liked that. I call him ‘king.’ I get along with him great,” he said. “So I call him King. I get along with them great.

But I was really hitting him hard about how they have hurt our country. And I had 5,000 Chinese people, I am China, I am in Beijing doing this, can you believe it?. And I am looking down, he is getting angrier and angrier and then I saved it. I said, “You know, I do not blame you. I blame the leaders of our country for allowing it to happen.” And it’s really true. We should never have allowed that to happen,” Trump added.