Donald Trump Jr. is hesitating to answer questions regarding the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting. Also the outcome of the project in Moscow of Trump Tower.

Richard Burr who is the Chairman of Senate Intelligence was responsible for signing off on the subpoena to Trump Jr. He mentioned that the panel was talking to Trump Jr. since December and he was going to attend an interview. However, he failed to attend the same two times before. This was the reason for the issue of a subpoena for gaining his testimony.

However, with Trump Jr. and his associates are giving a fierce pushback to Burr. GOP chairman will be taking a difficult decision if Trump Jr. ignores the subpoena. Because he needs to decide on facing backlash or be accused of favoritism by giving a pass to the eldest son of the President.

Discussion is going on post the issuing of the subpoena. Someone aware about the same said it’s likely that Trump Jr. will be agreeing to provide written answers. Trump Jr.’s approach to the interview is irritating the chairman of the Republican committee, causing the tense stand-off. The dispute is causing waves as Burr, was the first person to issue a subpoena to a member of the President’s family.

At the onset, the committee gave Trump Jr. a list of roughly a dozen topics that investigators were to cover. This was including the Trump Tower Moscow and Trump Tower meeting. The legal team of Trump Jr. is expecting a small interview than the one given by the committee. Lawyers of Trump Jr.’s are trying at addressing questions that include the meeting of June 2016 and the Moscow project.

Republicans thoughts:

Various several Republicans said that the interview is likely to catch Trump Jr. in a lie. This is as several Democrats have already reproached Trump Jr. of committing mendacity. Trump Jr.’s lawyers are clarifying that details of both meetings have been submitted to the special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. However, the panel is looking to clear up potential differences from his previous testimony about the Russian project and the meeting of June 2016.