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Driverless Tesla Fiercely Kills 2 People in Texas

This weekend, two men riding a Tesla were killed when the car careened into a tree in Texas and burst into flames. The wives of both the men, ages 59 and 69, had heard them speak about the autopilot feature of the 2019 Model S Tesla when they left together in the car Saturday night. One man was sitting in the front passenger seat, the other one was sitting behind him in the backseat.

Police did not find any evidence of someone sitting in the driver’s seat when the car went off the road and crashed into a tree. The investigation is still going on. Herman said that there was no driver in the fully electric Tesla when it went off. He said that investigators believe that the car was traveling at a high speed when it missed the curve and hit a tree.

The incident took place in a residential neighborhood. The blaze was so high that it took 32,000 gallons of water and four hours to extinguish. KPRC reported that Tesla’s batteries kept reigniting due to which it became difficult to put off the fire. Fire officials took the help of the automaker to know how to fully extinguish the fire.

With ongoing 23 investigations, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched 27 more. All these investigations track Tesla’s autopilot feature. It was the first time no one was in the driver’s seat during the crash. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shrugged off the concerns of the autopilot feature and also has insisted that it makes the cars safer by helping the drivers.

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