Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reelection attempt expected a huge boost on 1st May. As soon as news from the UN arrived about blacklisting Masood Azhar taken by the UN Security Council committee.  Masood Azhar- the head of a Pakistan based militant group.

Azhar’s JeM (Jaish-e-Mohammed) has claimed accountability for a suicide bomb attack that happened in Indian-administered Kashmir recently. Due to which around 40 Indian paramilitary police demised. Moreover, JeM responsible for a high-profile occurrence on India’s parliament. That has had happened in 2001, as well as local media frequently calls Azhar the country’s “enemy number 1”.

In reply to the suicide bomb attack in Kashmir that has also been claimed by Pakistan, Modi had sent warplanes into the nuclear-armed neighbor. In order to destroy what New Delhi called the militant camp.

Modi has ever since made national security a major plank within the country’s 39-day general election that Starting from April 11th. Till the result day which will be out on May 23. Also, political predictors voiced that the news on Azhar will further energize a gigantic team of Modi’s Hindu nationalist BJP.

China who had been considered by Pakistan as its utmost trustworthy friend has continually dissatisfied determinations to implement UN sanctions. That is against Azhar, who created JeM in 2000 after being unconfined from an Indian jail in altercation for 155 prisoners from a hijacked Indian Airlines plane.