One of the leading fertilizer companies across the globe, EuroChem inaugurates a new plant for the production of ammonia in Kingisepp, Russia. The plant is capable of producing leading single-train within Europe, at almost 1 million tons/year.

The opening ceremonial was done at the International Economic Forum of St. Petersburg on 7th June. The inauguration ceremony witnessed the presence of several officials such as Exceptional Presidential Representative for Environmental Defense, Ecosystem & Transport; Sergei Ivanov. Also, the Minister of Industry & Trade- Denis Manturov as well as Leningrad Region Governor Alexander Drozdenko were there. Moreover, Andrey Melnichenko a beneficiary of EuroChem initiated the ammonia flow from the plant. This signifies a new start. Moreover, where EuroChem staff had been watching all these via video-link.

“The inauguration of EuroChem Northwest symbolizes a vital breakthrough within the organization’s growth history. Through the mode of investing in the newest technologies, this revolutionary facility might help in delivering world-class nutrients. Also, to our rising consumer base, letting farmers for getting more out of their land-dwelling.

Over past 3 years, EuroChem has spent almost $1bn within the development of a plant that has been planning the capacity of almost 2,890 tons/day. So as to ensure self-adequacy for EuroChem in a crucial component of its fertilizer production requirements.

Supply of ammonia in Belgium, Antwerp, Lifosa in Lithuania, plus Phosphorit is starting for fertilizer plants.  Third parties will get 25% of the profit. This supply of ammonia is a cost-effective option.