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Facebook Looks to Resolve the Anti-vaccination Damage

Facebook is trying its level best to conquer the anti-vaccination damage done by its feed. Over the few months, alleged false claims thrived around social media about the side effects of the coronavirus vaccine. On Monday, Facebook revealed that it is aiming to invite around 50 million people to book appointments for inoculation of the coronavirus vaccine.

This development becomes the latest to be added to the string of efforts proposed by social media virus to combating the bizarre infection. The campaign follows years of criticism hyped around Facebook for looking after the vaccination movement with great precision. Facebook reportedly faced accusations of not doing enough to spread awareness among the people regarding the threat of the anti-vaccination revolution.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated through a post that the company is looking to propose a plan under which it sights focus to amplify credible information to the public regarding the various vaccination sites available across the state.  The company is also expanding official WhatsApp chatbots to help people register for vaccines, and offering new stickers on Instagram “so people can inspire others to get vaccinated.”

In adding to all this, Facebook is engaging itself in something that it doesn’t need to- limiting the spread of information. Due to the lack of credibility of information transmitted by users, Facebook restricts the content policies for the users in the wake of the criticism that the organization has been facing over the past few weeks.

“Figuring out what is and isn’t misinformation is tricky business, and it’s tough to tell the difference between people purposefully misleading others and having legitimate questions,” stated Mark Zuckerberg while addressing the new policies to the users.

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