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Facebook to Extend Work-From-Home Option Post Pandemic

As per the trusted sources of information, Facebook stated on Wednesday that it is offering an option of working from home to the employees for more time if their jobs can be done remotely.The social media company Facebook has over 60,600 employees, as stated by them in the years 2020.

In the previous year, amidst the pandemic, the company said that their employees would be eligible to do work from home permanently if they have enough experience and have a good performance in their jobs.As per the reports, from June 15th, 2021, the company is opening the provision for remote working among their employees at all levels along with the entry-level employees.

In the previous year, the rise in the cases of coronavirus infection among people gave rise to remote working, especially in these tech companies. Many of these companies can let the employees work from homes who can do their jobs well in that condition. Now, as several cities and countries are starting to lift their lockdown restrictions and open up normally as before, the companies are trying to find ways to offer more flexibility to their employees.

Further, another technology giant, Twitter, is also offering the option of work from home permanently to its employees. Further, the tech giant Google has worked out in a way that the employees have to come to the office three days a week.Facebook employees who choose to work from the office are likely to be in the office for about half of the working hours. However, some of the Facebook employees have said that they cannot work from their homes.

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