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Facebook To Launch Self Publishing Platforms

Facebook has announced a new platform for independent writers and publishers. This platform would support them to publish their content, improve audience growth and monetization.On Tuesday the company made an announcement on their blog post. Facebook said that writers, experts, and journalists can publish more of their works. This way the company extends its support to the writers. This will help the content creators to build a business online.

It also revealed little information about this new feature. This will be launched in the US in a few months. The company will partner with a small subset of independent writers and local journalists who will cover a given community. Facebook Works to include them at launch, and build tools and services specific to their needs.

According to Reuters, this will attract writers. Many writers and journalists are getting on the email newsletter bandwagon as they prefer the editorial freedom of the medium and the movement away from ad-reliant business models.

The new platform will be added to its pages. This will enable publishing across multimedia formats and the option to create Facebook groups, to create a community of readers. Creators can access analytics to gauge the performance of their content.

Twitter has informed that it would reduce the fee to 5% charged for the paid version of the platform. The free version of Revue allows writers and publishers to send newsletters to 50 people for free. The paid model allowed them to send up to a larger number of subscribers.Facebook will also provide accelerator services to creators. It says the platform is part of its $1 billion investment in the news over the next three years.

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