Federal prosecutors have claimed charges against a woman who was carrying Chinese passports and accused of illegitimately entered President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.

But Yujing Zhang asserted that a friend had requested her to come from Shanghai to this club and effort for having a conversation with a member of Trump’s family about economic relations between the US and China.

Zhang entered the property through an apparent miscommunication with members of Mar-a-Lago security.

Secret Service agents who were attending the entrants were told that she came to “go to the pool” and confirmed her after she created two People’s Republic of China passports as identification. They thought she came with reference to a club member also named Zhang.

However, the staff was able to seek suspicion when she was not able to tell where she wanted to go inside the property. She expressed a receptionist she was there to show up on a non-existent United Nations Friendship Event between the United States and China.

This nonexistent event didn’t take place in the evening but Zhang stated she had come to “familiarize herself with the property and take pictures.”

After agents come to know about Zhang’s presence, she produced what she claimed was a request to attend the event. But “agents were unable to read it as it was in Chinese.”

On that date, Trump was staying at Mar-a-Lago, as he was not present on the property at the time of Zhang’s visit.

US Secret Service agents seek multiple electronic devices. Which include a laptop computer, four cellphones, a thumb drive, and an external “hard drive type” device.

On the investigation, the team found malicious malware on that thumb drive.

US Attorney’s office spokeswoman Sarah stated that the passports which Zhang came with were from the People’s Republic of China. “Information presented to the court indicates that defendant is from the People’s Republic of China, not Republic of China (Taiwan). And they were PRC passports,” Schall said in an email.

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Geng Shuang cleared he had “no information” on Zhang’s arrest.

Agents took Zhang away from the Mar-a-Lago property and interrogated her. According to prosecutors, Zhang “claimed her Chinese friend ‘Charles’ told her to travel from Shanghai, China, to Palm Beach, Florida. To attend this event and to speak with a member of President’s family about Chinese and American foreign economic relations.”

Moreover, Agents were digging hard to find out more about “Charles”. But Zhang said she contacted him through WeChat. The complaint also said Zhang behaved as though was not able to understand English when entered Mar-a-Lago grounds

However, during the interrogation with agents, the complaint asserts. She “exhibited a detailed knowledge of, and ability to converse in and understand even subtle nuances of, the English language.”

“For example, as agents were attempting to obtain written consent for an examination of electronic devices found in her possession. Zhang read the entire form in English out loud to agents,” it says.