With the growing cyber attacks on businesses, researchers from the UK are initiating to think about defending such attacks. With the latest initiative, the UK researchers from the University of Goldsmiths and University of London developing fitness tracker technology. The technology will appear in devices such as FitBit. It might be utilized to make people more aware of cyber threats and inspire them to take necessary action.

Fitness Tracker Technology to Protect Against Cyber Attacks

According to the research, employees at a government agency or business would receive alerts with lights, sounds, and vibrations. This would be the signal that it’s time to change passwords, install or upgrade anti-virus software, or encode certain data.

However, this will require employees working in a small portable device directly with their computer. The device plugged into a computer will then work in the background, gathering the data of the user or computer. Similarly, fitness tracker technology gathers real-time data of a user for health monitoring purposes. However, it is not physical health, but a cyber-health.

Benefits of Fitness Tracker Technology

There is a number of government agencies and industrial companies that can learn from the customer technology sector. And particularly fitness tracker technology. For example, the major effective cybersecurity is continuously keeping one step ahead of the hackers. In the laboratory test, the researchers are utilizing Adafruit Circuit Playgrounds.

Additionally, the researchers particularly said the health psychology of this technology associated with the conventional psychology of cybersecurity. However, with personal health, users are very responsive to facts like “gamification”. Hence, researchers say that the technology will be useful to enhance cyber defenses by concentrating on the human component.

Using health psychology to identify potential weakness in how the user thinks regarding cyber-security. It can be useful to recognize the right type of forward-thinking cyber-culture in the business.