Two parties from Italy are forming a Populist government in Europe. This news came through in the recently held European parliament elections. But, they are still expecting 50 percent votes. European politics is taking news turns. Five-star movement with anti-establishment halved to 17 percent while other leagues doubled their shares by 30 percent. Therefore, becoming a dominant part of politics in Italy.

Digital Politics

People were assuming five stars to run the show by doing digital politics. It was surprising to see them fall so heavily. Therefore, leaving everyone confused and thinking if the league will last. Italy is very much independent of the global financial markets. Therefore, politics done to take back control will only harm. This is also harmful to the public interest as it is leaving a lot of questions unanswered and leaving no hope for the future. This kind of politics is also making the western economies uncomfortable.

Europe is worrying about the state its art and cultural side is getting affected due to all the political drama. Europe is of immense interest to the western movie industry. People were expecting the last elections for the mayor’s position in 2016. But, after a party supported a five-star candidate Virginia Raggi, all hope is lost.

The situation in Europe is the same for three years. The media is also playing a crucial role in further disrupting the atmosphere. The whole political saga is failing to meet people’s demands and making their daily lives better. Five star’s initial commitments included environmental goals that would bring in innovation and change. Five stars have not been able to fulfill the expectations and demands of the public. Therefore, it is facing harsh reactions now. Public demand wanted them to concentrate more on green energy and innovation. Therefore, people are demanding a change in the political scenario.