Red Meat to be avoided

A survey conducted few years back concluded that eating meat can upturn infertility risk, thus it is advisable to be avoided. Treated meats such as sausages, hot dogs as well as luncheon meats must be avoided, according to several Nutritionist. Also, surplus red meat like pork, steaks and hamburgers needs to be avoided, as per the doctors.

Eating saturated & hydrogenated fats should be avoided

Saturated fats are found in several foods but generally in animal & dairy products. Moreover, saturated fats can increase an individual’s cholesterol as well as calorie consumption. Thus, baked goods are advisable to be avoided as those are full of saturated & hydrogenated fats.

More & more consumption of Leafy Vegetables

Dark green & leafy vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli & red fruits including berries are heavily rich in nutrients as well as antioxidants. Plant proteins such as legume, dried beans and lentils ought to be a part of the everyday diet.

You can opt for a diabetic diet

Females who are suffering from PCOD or PCOS are actually insulin resistant. Therefore, they must follow the diabetic food diet. Their diet should be rich in fiber as well as low in carbs & treated foods. Thus, they need to opt for foods that has lower glycemic index-made up of wheat flour, whole wheat, whole grains, poha, wheat pasta and brown rice.

Avoid sugar & refined cereals

Besides, patients of PCOD must avoid refined carbs such as mass-produced pastries, biscuits and white bread. Also, they need to avoid consumption of non-nutritive calories for instance sugary beverages including sodas & energy drinks.

Have small but frequent meals

Patients of PCOD could also experience water retention. So the best way of avoiding that is by consuming more and more water as well as have small but frequent meals.

Increase the consumption of Seeds

Having flaxseeds as well as sesame seeds might do miracles for the patients of PCOD. But, consumption of seeds should be restricted to 20 grams per day, according to experts.

Important Information
  • Some herbs such as meethi dana, flaxseeds as well as cinnamon have also been recognized to control the hormones.
  • Besides all the dietary modifications, it is also significant to exercise for around 30 to 60 minutes per day in order to reduce insulin resistance. High insulin resistance might end up in gaining weight. It might even cause skin darkening as well as growth in the production of testosterone.
  • Ideal breakfast for a patient suffering from PCOD is fresh fruits. Also, one can try having sandwich made from multigrain bread along with some tomato & cucumber. Furthermore, PCOD patient need to opt for bran roti as a substitute of regular roti.
  • Drink ajwain & tulsi water between and after the meals.