Two female students from Germany have started an online petition to reduce food waste in the region. Their main aim is to change German law so shops or households can donate food to food banks and let people to “dumpster-dive” the act of looking for food in huge residential or commercial dumpsters without being punished.

These two German girls were penalized €225 last week for throwing food out of a superstore dumpster in Germany. The district court of Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany found the two female students guilty of a joint “theft of waste food”.

According to the German law, the waste food which has been disposed of leftovers shops property till garbage collector take it away. So someone who throws waste food from supermarkets dumpsters are observed to be obligating theft.

Existent alteration to the German law was already planned to the Bundestag in the form of appeal 74584, which asks for dumpster plunging to be no longer penalized.

Some other laws across Europe region


In 2016, the France country approved a law which prohibits supermarkets from fetching away waste food by willing them to pair up with food waste NGO which can re-distribute that food or thrown it away.


In 2018, the United Kingdom government introduced a scheme to decrease food waste from several retailers and a number of food manufacturers. This scheme was built in coordination with different charities and business, said a government report.


In 2006, Italy government passed a law across food waste, aimed at wounding 1 million tonnes of the expected 5 million wasted per year. The main aim of this law is to make easier for food supermarkets to donate waste food to several food banks and charities.


In 2017, The Spain government founds ways to decrease food waste and increase food donations to food retailers and charities. However, a law has not been approved so far.