It is believed that traveling is equal to calming therapy. However, as soon as the Jet lag strikes in, all the fun & therapy gets ruined.

What is meant by Jet lag?

This one of the common physiological disorder which is experienced by ones who travel regularly, specifically in unlike time zones. It occurs when an individuals’ biological clock is not in synchronization with the standard twenty-four-hour clock. Jet lag is also termed as desynchronizes since it is a result of the variations in the daily schedules of the body that develops a sleep syndrome. It interrupts the body’s normal pattern as well as makes it hard to fall asleep.


Here are a few common symptoms of Jet lag that should not be overlooked.

  • Headaches: The very 1st problem that everyone experiences because of the interrupted pattern of sleep is a headache.
  • Fatigue & restlessness: When an individual is not getting enough sleep because of insomnia as well as other jet lag problems, the body becomes tired and one will start feeling restless.
  • Loss of Appetite: One of the most common and the biggest problem is loss of appetite. In such a condition one doesn’t feel like eating anything due to nauseous sensation.
  • Insomnia: This occurs when it’s a night at the travel destination and morning back at home. Thus, however hard one tries it gets impossible to fall asleep.

Thus, to avoid any such situation, there are some foods & drinks suggested that should be consumed to sail smoothly through the trip.

Some of those are:

Bananas will help a lot in decreasing jet lag as it has got needed amino acid & tryptophan that reduces the time required to sleep.

Ginger along with hot water can help in avoid nauseous & digestive issues that frequently occur while traveling.

Kiwi is recognized for reducing jet lag since it has serotonin that transforms into melatonin, a hormone inducing sleep. Kiwi can be consumed as both in solid as well as juice forms.

Berries are generally rich in fibers, antioxidants, and water. Thus having these enables in keeping hydrated. In addition, Goji Berries are well-known for curing jet lag and put an individual to sleep.

Lemons because of their high water content again helps in keeping hydrated.

Eggs apart from having other health benefits, are also helpful very supportive while curing jet lag. This is because these are rich in Vitamin B12 that turns off the sleep hormone, melatonin as well as wakes up the body. Hence, eggs need to be added in the breakfast.