Human body requires calcium to keeping their bones healthy. Not just that, calcium even enables in appropriate functioning of human nerves as well as muscles.

Below are some of the food items rich in calcium and that should be added in your diet!

  • 1 Cup of MILK

This includes almost 280 mg of calcium. When talking about calcium, an initial source that comes in mind is milk. Moreover, one of the best calcium-rich food options that can easily be digested & absorbed.


1 orange is equal to almost 60 mg of calcium. It is all known to everyone that an orange enables in enhancing the immune resistance. Also, this mystic fruit falls under the list of highly rich calcium foodstuffs. Owing to the vitamin D component that is very crucial for the digestion of calcium in the human body.


One 1 cup of sardines can provide around 569 mg of calcium. The food item is highly rich in calcium. Moreover, for a non-vegetarian, this is a perfect substitute they can have. These small saline fishes may certainly add an astonishing flavor to pasta as well as salads.


One cup of soy milk consists of 60 mg of calcium. There is a myth that just dairy products include calcium. There are a number of non-dairy products such as stimulated soy milk that is highly rich in calcium.

  • ALMONDS – 1 Cup(roasted): 457 mg of calcium

One cup of roasted almond offers around 457 mg calcium. Along with this almonds comes first at the list of calcium-rich foods. Also high at proteins, these nuts enable in lessening the risk of heart-related diseases.


One cup of bok choy contains 74 mg calcium. All the non-dairy sources for calcium list are incomplete deprived of this leafy vegetable known as Bok Choy.