Tests established the levels overhead the thresholds of safety for the substances possibly hazardous to the health of humans and low levels of containing the debatable weed killer glyphosate. It is stated by Anses that nappy tests were at the outset of their type all over the globe. It has entitled for the quick action “allowing for the probable threats these chemicals may stance” to babies.

Agnes Buzyn, Health Minister of France states that there was “no severe or instant risk” to the health of the baby. Agnes Buzyn commented in AFP that “People should carry on to put nappies on their babies. Because people have been doing this for at least 50 years”.

Ministers of environment, finance and health had given the joint statement claiming that the government had given the time of 15 days to manufacturers of nappy to propose the plan of action intended to remove the toxic substances. Agnes Buzyn states that the government will agree to the delay of about six months for the methods of production to change.

What did they discover?

The study was carried on the different brands of nappies of single-use accessible in the market. Anses stated that about 4000 nappies may be used in the primary three years of baby’s life. In the report brands tested were not mentioned, saying it was illustrative of the market. Some of the brands of nappy accessible in France are traded in other regions. One of the agency claimed that further down what it is known as “realistic use” conditions, “become aware of harmful chemicals in one-use diapers that can transfer by urine, for instance, and come into the prolonged contact with the skin of babies”.

Anses commented that many of the chemicals were added purposely, “like perfumes that result in allergies”.  But others were certainly made known from the contaminated materials, or as the portion of the plan of the procedure of manufacturing. Amongst the chemicals obtained in additional thresholds of safety were the perfumes Lyral and Lilial and the aromatic hydrocarbons, furans and dioxins.

In the report of the agency, glyphosate was listed at low levels.

Controversy regarding glyphosate

Promoted in the name of Roundup in the US, it is used in a large amount but is the frequent target for environmental and health campaigners after the study of World Health Organization categorized it as “carcinogenic”.

Agency in the statement commented, “Anses endorses for removing the chemicals obtained in one-use baby diapers, or decreasing them as much as possible”.