The global frozen food industry is growing over USD 100 billion this year. Therefore, clearly stating its high demand and acceptance in the American continents. A number of eating occasions using frozen foods are more than 9 billion. Thus, showing a high number of billions of meals.

Author David Portalatin, also a food industry advisor is stating some important facts. He says that factors responsible for the high demand for frozen meals are an increasing number of millennials, busy family lives, and fast-paced careers. Frozen food manufacturers are trying new trends in flavors and fusion foods. Therefore, attracting more consumers.

Eating at home culture is giving a further push to frozen meals. People are eating at home almost 80 percent of the time. It is becoming a primary source of food for many Americans. Because it is as simple as heat and eats. Most people are using frozen foods for dinner and saving time. The category of frozen foods in demand the most is vegetables and chicken.

Another time where consumers are preferring frozen foods is breakfast time. Because of the availability of breakfast options like frozen waffles, fruits, sandwiches, and pancakes.

Health benefits of frozen foods:
  • Global and exotic variety of fruits and vegetables
  • No preparation required
  • Convenient and easily available
  • Locking of vitamins and nutrients
  • Seasonal seafood all year long
  • Frozen fish fresher than fresh ones
  • Good for the environment

Consumers are now feeling that frozen food has more value and it is more convenient to buy, store and prepare. It is saving time and making life easier. Thus, with high demand for frozen foods, there is also a high rise in manufacturers and innovative startups. Manufacturers are giving a lot of importance to nutritional value, health benefits, convenient packaging, cooking and storing options, flavors, and taste, the introduction of new ingredients and also the exotic ones.