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Gboard is out with new designs and features

Gboard is a new fancy type of keyboard for your Android phone. There are many new features in it which give a whole versatile look to your phone. You can choose to make it look personalized, professional, or businessy (business-like). This keyboard can be easily downloaded from the Play Store.

However, newer designs have been introduced to this keyboard. Emojis are updated, and new vintage background options are also made available. It also has an upgraded autocorrect feature and improved suggestions of words. Various languages can now be typed using the new version of Gboard instead of just English.

Even English is now divided as per its region. New themes have been introduced which can also personalize and optimize your keyboard. You can also translate the sentences written in the languages which are unknown to you or you don’t understand. You can easily translate any foreign language and improve your understanding.The keys have been redesigned, and the dictionary is now updated. New feature of one-handed has also been added to make it easier for the users to use the phone even when they’re busy. The one-handed feature is also a new addition to improve user experience.

Glide typing and voice typing were already introduced in the older versions.Google has always improved its features for the better, and these technologies have helped many industries in their progress. Google has also been trying new inventions and innovations with the use of intellect to introduce new technologies in this world. It has made our lives easier to an extent.

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