The generation which has high spending power, eating freedom and willingness to cook is encouraging food industry invention. A survey by the Hartman Group found around 70% of Gen Zers which is classifying by the survey age ranges from 12-20 years. They have complete control over their own snack choices. More than 2,000 Gen Zers include in this survey.

Gen Z

Gen Z, this year becomes the highest generation has likely USD143 billion in spending power each year. Nowadays, teenagers spend more meals and have taken their own food penetration than other generations. This is due to the busy family schedules, according to the survey.

This generation mostly depends on their parents to do the shopping. However, they routinely put together their own lunches, snacks, and breakfasts.

Autonomy in their home and access to online information has improved Gen Z confidence in their kitchen, as per the survey. However, with a desire for food exploration, infotainment, and video-based recipes that are easy and quick, many teens find recipes. Also, they teach themselves through YouTube and other social media.

Shows like “Top Chef Junior” and “MasterChef Junior” provides kid to cooks their own platform. However, the meal kit companies Kidstir and Raddish are providing to younger generations of home-based chefs.

The Hartman Group also found half of Gen Zers enjoy cooking. The most common dishes they like to make: pasta, eggs, rice, cookies, vegetables, pancakes, brownies, and French toast.

Cooking skills develop during the teen years can be setting a better foundation for the future. For now, Gen Zers mostly have simple tastes Millennials. But, they are less driven by wellness and health, while they are familiar with it. However, Gen Z is ethnically varied and shows interest in international food, as many Millennials.

However, the shopping they do at the convenience store where they are buying sweet, snacks, and drinks, the survey found.