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Germany Terminates the Usage of AstraZeneca’s Coronavirus Vaccine

Due to people’s complaints, Germany has decided to suspend the usage of the Coronavirus Vaccine created by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford in the under-60s. The health officials found 31 cases of a rare type of blood in a group of people who has a shot of the vaccine.

Initially, a few regions suspended some use of the shot due to concerns over a link to rare but serious forms of blood clots. Then it was announced that the whole country would no longer give the vaccine to anyone under 60 years old following advice from the country’s independent vaccine committee.

The independent vaccine committee said in a statement that after several consultations, the majority of the vaccine committee has decided to only recommend the Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccine for people aged 60 and over. The committee also said that on the occurrence of rare but very severe thromboembolic side effects. This side effect occurred 4 to 16 days after vaccination, especially in people under 60 years.

Many people raised questions about the second dose of the Coronavirus Vaccine to younger people who have already got the first dose of the vaccine. The health officials said it would issue guidance on the matter by the end of April.

Paul Ehrlich Institute, a federal agency, and medical regulatory body released a statement that there had been 31 cases of blood clots in the cerebral veins. The condition is known as sinus vein thrombosis or cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. Thrombocytopenia was also reported in 19 cases. In nine of those cases, the people affected died. The institute said that two of the 31 cases involved women aged 20 to 63 years while the two men affected were 36 and 57 years old.

According to the data by Germany’s public health agency, the Robert Koch InstituteAlmost 2.7 million people in Germany had received the first dose and 767 people had a second dose vaccine of the AstraZeneca Coronavirus Vaccine on Monday.

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