President Trump again led the politics in 2018, however, the year witnessed an outstanding political trend plus what can be the Fix’s for 2019. Below is the list of some of the fix’s:

• The Trump and his Economy
For several months, irrespective of the day’s news, Trump constantly had an unswerving pivot that was seen in the second-quarter GDP growth outdid with almost 4 %, also the U.S. stock markets witnessed the new highs this year as well as unemployment continued to drop. But then as soon as there was increase in Trump’s trade wars, advertised fictional economic policies as well as leveled periodic attacks over the Federal Reserve, markets soon got spooked due to which crucial stock benchmarks started entering bear market terrain by the end of 2018. These factors coupled with intensifying deficits, impelled in part by insipid economic as well as revenue growth from his tax cuts will likely result in downturn ahead of the 2020 elections.

• Impulsive foreign policies by Trump
With the continuation of Trump’s “hawkish isolationism” even in 2018, holding down on immigration despite augmenting trade policies by protectionist, guidelines of his foreign policy were repeatedly defined by its impulsiveness. Some of those guidelines include an on-then-off-then-on summit held by North Korea; were laid off and then U.S. intelligence on Russian election interference were accepted by him. This was done by him for several other summits in that time span.

• 2018 a Turning Point for 2020
Greatest gains in terms of democracy were seen in 2018 midterm election, that turned out as a milestone for new polling college benefits for populists in 2020, however those benefits may possibly come down to the party’s official candidate. Yet Trump sustained to double down over his base by gambling his voters won’t care whatever Mueller discovers, one this is still uncertain that whether Trump’s base single-handedly will be enough to win the reelection to be held in 2020.

• Congressional (in) Action
Starting right from misappropriations to illegitimate justice and opioids to agricultural improvement act, Congress revealed that it could pass bipartisan bill regardless of constant near-record low approval rankings. On the other hand, Congress imitated a progressively divided nation in 2018 as well, falling to the act on developing an ever-divisive nominating procedure, growing number of deaths from gun violence, steering biased investigations as well as shutting up partial government by the end of 2018.