Finally, Tesla has released its two key features, ‘Dog Mode’ and ‘Sentry Mode’ for its electric vehicles. Every car owners love their cars and pets, Tesla keeping that in mind has introduced these two features. The company is constantly looking to leverage its ability to cater the customers with innovative capabilities via over-the-air software updates. These features are for electric vehicles with Enhanced Autopilot.

The main motive behind introducing dog mode is –keep your pets (dogs, hamster or cat) in a climate-controlled environment. Second, if the pet is left unattended in a vehicle for long then it may let passerby know their status. Some might get confused with Tesla’s earlier Cabin overheat Prevention feature, in which, the system prevents the interior temperature from exceeding 105F/40C for up to 12 hours after car owner exit the vehicle. So, if for longer the car is unattended dog mode should be used as it let owners adjust the temperature of car which cabin overheat protection doesn’t. Cabin overheat protection is not recommended if kids or pets are present in the car.

What an owner needs to do for enabling Dog Mode is, tap the fan icon at end of the touchscreen when they park their car. Owners push “Keep Climate On to DOG, and then make adjustments within temperature limits. “Dog Mode will stay on after you leave your car. If you your battery reaches less than 20% charge, you will receive a notification on your mobile app,” according to the software update information. In addition to that, the screen display is new. The screen displays the interior temperature of the car and a message which reads “my owner will be back soon.”

According to state and local laws, although a pet is sitting in an air conditioned environment shouldn’t be left unattended in car for extended periods or longer time.

Sentry more will constantly monitor or supervise the environment near a car when it’s left unattended.  Owners will get an alert on their Tesla app, if the car turns to “alarm state”. The feature taps into the built-in forward-facing cameras such as dash cam which let the owner download a video recording if some incidence takes place. The recording begins prior to ten minutes when a potential threat is detected. Sentry mode is expected to roll out soon in Model 3 vehicles, followed by Model S and Model X vehicles