Internet Giant Google revealed a video-game streaming platform “Stadia”, putting itself to take on the outdated or traditional video-game business.

This new platform will store a game-playing session in the cloud and allows players to jump across devices which are operating on Chrome OS and Google’s Chrome browser, such as Chromebooks and Pixel phones.

Google did not confirm that the actual cost of this new service, whether it will offer any subscriptions or other options. Google only confirmed that Stadia will be available at the end of 2019.

Internet giant made the announcement of this new service at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Some industry observers were supposing the streaming console, however Google’s platform centers focused on the company’s cloud infrastructure.

“The new generation of gaming is not a box,” stated Google Vice President Phil Harrison. “The data center is your platform.”

Just like music and movies, the traditional video-game industry has been moving from games and physical hardware to streaming and digital downloads. Video-game streaming basically requires a robust connection and high computing power than simple streaming video.

Alphabet Inc.’s Google reported that playing video games will be just simple like tapping the “Play Now” button, with nothing to install or download. The WiFi-enabled controller has an option which allows players to launch a microphone and use Google Assistant. Another button allows users to share gameplay with Google’s video streaming service, YouTube.

Harrison stated he expects all gaming services will ultimately take place outside the consoles, in cloud-powered streaming platforms same as what Google declared. But not right away.

“It won’t switch traditional games devices overnight,” he told after the declaration. “And we wouldn’t be here if not for the existing traditional platforms.”