As per the recent data, almost 81 percent of breaches occurred were either stolen or via weak passwords. The problem is augmenting as one of the major threats to data security is reusing similar passwords across several accounts.

In case of a happening at any one account, there is a huge chance of affecting other accounts. Since cybercriminals are aware of the fact that people frequently use the same credential across multiple sites.

This is a very common threat since almost 83% of individuals have made a confession that they reuse passwords across multiple accounts. Even though it is harmless to reuse passwords over accounts that do not consist of sensitive data.

A breach there might utilize as an entranceway to transfer crosswise across the networks. That too in search of vital business data or else PII (personally identifiable information).

Cyber Security

“Cyber adversaries are continuously altering their tradecraft in order to make certain successful intrusions to produce steady revenue & profit. If your password is been guessed or else stolen, you might never know it happening. Unless irregular buying reflects in your bank account. Also, further challenging data retrieved through leveraging your affected account might basically be utilized for moving up the chain.” says Rajesh Maurya, a Regional Vice President, India & SAARC, Fortinet.

“Instigating a robust passphrase is one of the simplest methods to defend yourself, personal & corporate data as well as your devices from cyber risks. The simple thumb rule, the lengthier & multifaceted password, is very much difficult to crack”

On the other hand, short and simple passwords take a few resources for hackers to crack it. Actually, hackers keep up databases of most frequently used words, phrases, as well as number combinations.

This they use to run your password over for getting a quick match. While making new accounts or even updating well-used passwords you should follow these practices for minimizing password-based cyber threat:

  • Not ever repeat the alike password for different sites.
  • Make certain that no one is watching you while entering passwords.