HCL Technologies and Cricket Australia have entered into a multiyear deal as per the central authority of Australian cricket.

Within the contract, HCL would be offering a digital understanding of cricket fans. Also, including partners, players, employees, as well as volunteers across the globe.

However, the organization hasn’t revealed the value of the deal until now.

HCL would be working over core digital ecosystems for the Cricket Australia. This will also be including stuff like the Live App for Cricket Australia, bigbash.com.au, cricket.com.au as well as cricket applications for a community, for instance, MyCricket & community.cricket.com.au.

“We are ecstatic to associating along with Cricket Australia. Moreover, we are hoping that this particular association might be serving as an outline for organizations globally. For those who want to discover technological platforms scaling their present value chains within the business models of environment-centric. Also, ensuring for stimulating along with creating extraordinary understanding,” states Michael Horton, Vice President as well as Country Manager at HCL Executive of Australia as well as New Zealand.

The communities following cricket in Australia has above 2 million fans who have been attending these matches over the season of 2018-19. All over the world, this sport has got a fan base of more than 2.5 billion adoring supporters.

Digitally, Cricket Australia has got online viewers of more than 20 million internationally every single year. Furthermore, has been well-known along with maintaining its place at the number one within the sports destination in Australia. All through the summer, accomplishing a unique record of Australian viewers i.e. approximately 2.87 million only in January 2019.