The main aim of HIMSS is to prepare the industry leaders – solution providers, academics, payers, policymakers and clinicians with the perceptions and vision for informing the financial and clinical outcomes by approving the annual predictions. The main trends considered in the healthcare predictions are consumer impact, issues around policy & data governance, demographic & financial challenges and digital health implications & applications.

Digital Health Implications & Applications

One of the reports claims that inventors of the digital health are supposed to demonstrate the superior results. Tools of the digital health were increasing from past years, but year 2019 will play a major role in increasing the narrow gaps in coverage & care and access to care with the help of technology.

It is stated that “Regulatory/ policy environment and consumer pressure are the factors for greater responsibility. “Barriers of Government in the invention of digital health will carry on to drop the CMS Innovation Center and FDA Precertification Pilot Program are providing the opportunity for invention.

As per the study, it is said that policymakers are becoming violent in discovering the changes in policy that can fasten up time for marketing the tools that are improving the healthcare efficacy, augment patient access, reduce the burden of provider and generate pathways for care delivery where hospital stays are not required.

Report of HIMSS claimed, “Against this backdrop, it will no longer be enough to bring to market the next bright, shiny gadget”.

Consumer Impact

On consumer Impact, a report of HIMSS claims that consumer pressure will accelerate global reformation and value-based care. As per the study, it is said that “Consumer demand for greater access to personalized and patient-centered care will increasingly favor those offering convenience, choice and, most importantly, cost transparency”.

One of the reports states that “Systems of healthcare are unaware for agility and are confronted to produce solutions that fascinate and hold the healthcare customers and provide the experience of the customer regarding navigating the retail interactions and online banking”.

Demographic & Financial Challenges 

Financial and demographic challenges are inspiring the new methods of care delivery.

Report of HIMSS claims that “In 2018 it became clear traditional healthcare alone won’t bend the cost curve, and social determinants of health must be at the forefront of care”. In the year 2019, companies are concentrating on the determining factor of health and on assimilating the procedures for providers on playing the large role in data-driven care, personalized action plans and continuity of care will discover an accessible atmosphere.

As per the research it is stated, “To meet health systems, demands, providers and payers are mandatory to develop the healthcare delivery to keep the cost very less for consumer and industry”.

Issues around policy & data governance

As per the study, it is said that “In 2019, privacy and security will be top of mind, with policymakers looking to the private sector and their policy counterparts in other countries to figure out what policy changes need to be put into place to protect information sharing”. Most of the policymakers are concentrating on information on health and technology are concentrating on the changes of policy with the inspiration from areas like security and privacy.

Organizations of healthcare are debating on providing the correct information about the patient to the correct provider in an appropriate and protected manner to help the policymakers.