The leading digital healthcare company ‘HealthLynked’ has released new technology for the onboard patients via mobile devices through its provider network. HealthLynked recognizes that number of patients basically interact by mobile devices throughout their day and this technology will help to integrate to this mobile devices whenever needed.

As per report, a healthcare provider will see any place near around 15 to 40 patients each day based on their specialty. Patients need to wait anywhere from minimum 15 minutes before seeing a healthcare provider. The time slot between connecting patients with healthcare provider allows the Company to efficiently reduce patient intake time, increase information exchange in between patient and their healthcare providers and enlarge its network.

This technology also able to provide valuable analytics to network providers, letting these providers to well manage their services. All record also can be maintained such as, which day and which hours are busiest, how much time patients are waiting before seen by healthcare provider, and manage all medical practices efficiently.

Additionally, healthcare providers can connect with specific patients to remind them about future visits and special events. Patient’s feedback can also be acquired through several surveys and number of marketing services.

This innovative technology has several features such as ease of connectivity which has improved patient expansion and adoption of the HealthLynked Network.

“The release of new mobile patient entrance technology is a substantial step forward in mounting our network of patient memberships and linking them to their healthcare providers.  We have extended our network and meanwhile significantly condensed our direct sales outlays.” Michael Dent, HealthLynked’s CEO and Chairman, reported.

Dr. Dent also stated, “This new technology not only making patient appointment seamless, but our in-network providers are able to maintain patients pleasantly.

The capability of our innovative technology to monitor and manage patient care makes HealthLynked as perfect partner for Accountable Care Organizations and Insurance Providers who looking for ways to increase patient outcomes and decrease healthcare costs.”