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High Temperature of Rivers causing deaths of Salmons

As per the trusted sources of information, a large number of baby Salmons are dying every day in one of the California based river. There is a whole run of the endangered salmon that could be wiped out in another.

There are several fishermen who make a living out of the adult salmon after they enter the Pacific Ocean are alarmed on the blistering heat waves along with the extended drought in the United States west due to the increase in temperature of water and imperil the fishes from Idaho to California.

Thousands of the young Salmons are dying in the Klamath River from Northern California as the low water levels are brought by the drought conditions which allow the parasite to thrive, which is devastating the Native American tribe whose diet and traditions are related to the fishes. Further, the wildlife officials stated that the Sacramento River is facing an almost complete loss of young Chinook salmon due to the abnormally warm water.

A decline in the one year’s class of the salmon can lead to long lasting effects on the overall population of the fish and cause the shortening of the fishing season, which is a point of concern especially when the climate change is continuously making the west drier and hotter. This could also have a devastating impact on the commercial fishing industry in California which is worth USD 1.4 billion.There is already a rise in the retail prices of salmon which is hurting the customers as they can no longer afford the USD 35 per pound fish, as stated by Mike Hudson, a fish seller in Berkeley.

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