The hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee was to decide about the Mueller report. However, the senators from Republicans were repeatedly talking about the emails by Hillary Clinton.

Chairing of The witness table was by Attorney General William Barr. However, as soon as the hearing started Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham started discussing points about the 2016 campaign. Overall the name Clinton was in use for more than 10 times.

Compromising of an email server was possible with the help of the BleachBit software program. Clinton while working as a state secretary was using the private email server. Another intriguing incident was shared wherein the associate was found destroying electronic devices with the help of a hammer.

The FBI team had investigated the assets of Clinton. This was on the basis of the mishandling of classified information on the email server. The conclusion was that Clinton was careless. However, no charges were levied against her.

The acquisition was also on another FBI agent. The agent was responsible for investigation by Clinton and was part of the investigation by Russia. The investigation was starting in July 2016.

The FBI agent, Peter Strzok, was asked to leave from services, last year due to allegations of adulterous relations with the FBI lawyer Lisa Page. The scandalous text messages between both of them on government devices were also an issue.

As per the standard procedure, Republicans and Democrats took turns with the questioning. Graham along with fellow Republicans was eager to know about the email investigation on Clinton and the “spying” on Trump campaign.

When it was the time for Democrats’ to ask for an answer. They asked for reports on the handling of the rollout. It is misleading at times and comes with clear false commitments.