President Trump is delaying and ignoring Democrats questions and investigations for some time now. Therefore, Hope Hicks, former communications director for the white house and finally agreed to speak to the house’s judiciary committee. A declaration is coming soon.

Hicks is President Trump’s trusting aide. She is a part of presidential campaigns and Robert Mueller’s report. She was investigating obstruction of justice, one of the allegations against the report. Therefore she is an important element that can shed some light on the report. June 19, 2019 interview is happening. White house is witnessing this for the first time. Therefore, a very important step.

Mueller Report

Hicks is an important witness for the Mueller Report. She was a communicating link between the council office and the activities involving the president. One of the major episodes under documentation was Donald Trump Jr’s meeting at Trump Tower in 2016 and the incomplete and misleading statements flowing out of there.

Another close aide in this followed up for this is Annie Donaldson. She will also submit documents. Even though, the white house is directing them not to cooperate. Don McGahn, former counsel of white house is also on the list. The panel is hell-bent on gathering more documents on the Mueller report due to the discrepancies surrounding it. Donaldson and McGahn’s name is seen multiple times in the report. Therefore, their testimony is important.

White House has been building up pressure on Hicks. Therefore, her declining to answer any question is an element of concern. White house is believing she has no legal right to present the documents. No document on her time spent in the white house is available yet.

White House will be holding the interview in a private seating. Jerrold Nadler will be releasing a statement of the same to the public.