PUBG Instigates ‘health reminders’

As PUBG was drawing several criticisms because of its interface, the creators of the game have decided to present a new feature in the game where users, who had been playing for continuous 6 hours at a stretch will receive a notification telling them to get back to the game after 24 hours. For some time access to the game was blocked as well as players were not allowed to play until the ban was detached. On the other hand, the concept of a new feature called ‘health reminders’, freaked out a number of invested players!

Though the concept of health reminders got soon ended, there has been no saying that you ought to track the duration of your PUBG game or even any other game for that problem. However, there are a number of ways one can make certain that their gaming session has been played in a healthy manner and doesn’t turn out to be a deadly addiction.

Addictions on the rise!

People need to recall that the gaming addictions as well as smart phone addictions are on rising plus are more dominant amongst teens & young adults. They could be considered harmless but then they have a great deal of effect over the health.

Recognizing the Problem

The very initial of the problem is recognizing the problem. Thus, below is the list of some of the gaming addiction signs:

– Being fixed in the same position for long hours.

– Feeling more relaxed & at-ease within the virtual world of video instead of real life.

– Spending money over gaming as well as any other such addiction than the requirement.

– Getting annoyed when not able to play the game, frequently showing depressing signs.

– Insincere regarding the frequency of playing the game.

– Continuously thoughtful of the game even if away from the screen.

So, in case any of the above problems are seen, it shouldn’t be taken lightly as the game one loves to play is probably pushing them towards the severe levels of addiction. It is advisable that one should seek help at the earliest in such a situation. Besides, one can make the required corrections to their regime as well as establish rules when plying to help themselves.

Furthermore, some people might get hooked for around 8 to 10 hours and not at all get addicted, whereas some people playing for an hour can get a bad impact. However, normally, the time period that is measured safe enough is around 1 to 2 hours on a daily basis. Given that an individual’s gaming habits don’t take a toll over sleep & other commitments, it is considered safe.

Do not let the game interfere with your life

People need to understand that there is a difference between their virtual & real life. However, for addicts, it might be difficult to separate between the two. In gaming worlds such as PUBG, things could get competitive as well as unhealthy. Which makes it more dangerous than any other type of addiction. Also, impacts decision-making skills.