Brown rice is gradually becoming a staple in a maximum of the homes. With the rising mindfulness in terms of health as well as fitness, people are taking conscious efforts concerning their lifestyle modifications where one of the basic swifts has been observed in switching high sugar & starch with fibers & proteins having food items. Individuals have already replaced their regular white rice with brown rice owing to its countless health benefits. One of the major health benefits of brown rice over white rice is that it aids in losing weight. Thus, if you are looking ahead to stay fit, then you must definitely start including brown rice to your meal.

Moreover, brown rice is suggested by the doctors owing to its high nutrient content, also it has magnesium that enables in maintaining blood pressure. Furthermore, it has a low-glycemic index that doesn’t raise the level of blood sugar. Besides, because of its high fiber content, it not only supports weight loss, nevertheless also keeps the digestive system strong. Also, it aids in dropping the bad cholesterol levels in the blood, hence facilitating the heart to be healthy.

While brown rice is healthy, but eating steamed rice daily seems like punishment and boring. Here are some of the ways that can make it interesting yet healthy.

Brown rice and vegetable salad

It is very quick as well as an easy method of adding brown rice in your regular diet. One can mix their favorite veggies along with cooked brown rice, also adding some seasonings over it to enjoy this appetizing healthy recipe.

Peppery Mushroom and Brown Rice and Bacon

This is a very elegant continental dish that has an extremely nice aroma as well as taste. You would enjoy this appetizing dish without even compromising over your health. It is basically prepared to add bacon & mushrooms combined along with black pepper. Also, this one is made very easily without taking much time. In addition, this dish can ideally suit your lazy brunches.

Grilled chicken and brown rice

It is a typical recipe that is adored by everyone. Even if you are not looking ahead to lose any weight, you must try this mouthwatering combination of grilled chicken and brown rice. These both are low in calories but high in nutrients, also can be made utilizing a few simply available ingredients.

Idli from Brown rice

Idlis are affection, these are not only healthy nevertheless are extremely tasty! You might literally have them any time of the entire day. A number of people prefer idli for breakfast since it is very heavy as well as keeps satiated for a long period of time. But the idli made from brown rice is a healthier option particularly for those who look ahead for losing weight. This tasty recipe could be consumed by anybody without having any adverse effect on health or weight.

Parsi brown rice

If you are amongst the people who have a sweet tooth as well as cannot live without consuming something sweet at least ones in a while, then this recipe is perfect for the option available for you. It contains a little sugar content that makes the rice sweet & because of aromatic spices are also added in it, rice also has a spicy flavor that makes it drool-worthy.