China telecom giant Huawei has taken over Apple’s market share in the region of China. This is mainly due to the Android systems in devices. Huawei presently is working to launch its own operating system. This is going to impact the business of apple.

The same is applicable for Apple throughout Asia.

Huawei will be launching new products while Apple is updating the features of its iPhone. The branding strategy implemented in China is strong. The smartphone by Huawei is a tier 1, Made in China, smartphone. The same is helping them to secure additional market share in the already saturated market.

Sales of Apple iPhone was reported on the lower side, even in the second quarter. Apple is facing growing difficulty to find a base in China because of new brands coming in the market.

The market for iPhones is slowing in China because of Huawei has beat Apple. Huawei is leading on Samsung. This is concerning for Google and iOS especially once Huawei launches its own operating system. Once the operating system is launched the Asian smartphone market will change.

Presently, Huawei’s is leading in the global smartphone market. It contributes to 17% of the market share in the first quarter. For other Android smartphone company’s growth in the sale will be because of 5G and foldable display phones. Huawei is working on producing its own foldable display phone in China.

Some factors that will be inflecting the market growth are a fingerprint sensor, punch hole cameras, and some artificial intelligence capacity.  Apple is working towards finding ways to beat Huawei.

Overall sales of smartphones grew by 50% last quarter in comparison to last year. Whereas the sales of Apple fell by 20% and for Samsung by 8%. The worst hit was LG for which sales fell by 40%.

Chinese makers are securing new customers and users. The market is falling in South Korea and Asian countries. Leading Chinese companies are now following a dual-brand strategy. This helps in covering larger price band and capture a large consumer base. Various Chinese smartphone brands are looking for opportunities to increase market share in Europe. Huawei phones were on display, in an event held in France.