In one of the report, it is said that an enormous decline in the amount of meat being consumed is combining the wide changes in the techniques of farming which is very important for assuring the ability of the planet to support humanity in future.  The study that is observing the projections of the population of future and the effect of recent techniques of farming on atmosphere, notifies the vigorous sudden change as global warming is causing the impacts on the production of food.

One of the researchers commented that due to the rise in temperature for every degree Celsius, global wheat yields are expected to decrease by 6%, whereas global rice yields are anticipated to decrease by 10%.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has advised that planet is “nowhere near on track” to observe the increase in temperatures lower than 1.5C.

IPCC commented that in the recent commitments of climate by the leaders of the world, Earth will be around 3C heater by end of the period.

As per the report in Journal Nature, increasing populations will help to farm 50% more food to help around 10 Bn people in the coming years. If there are no changes occurring, the effect of production of food on the atmosphere will increase by around 90% in the coming years that claim that planet will not be the safe working space for humanity.

One of the reports describes “A significant initial step will support to arrange national food-based dietary regulations with the suggestion on environmental and healthy eating effects of diets”.

It results in the dramatic decrease in food waste, enhanced management of freshwater, organized application of fertilizer and most important investments in educational campaigns and agricultural infrastructure.

Lead author, Macro Springmann of Oxford University commented that “No distinct solution is sufficient to ignore crossing of environmental boundaries”.

As per the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, livestock is accountable for around 15% of emission of greenhouse gas globally.

As per Dr. Springmann Sai, a message for the consumer is to change the diet and write to politicians to execute better guidelines.

The unambiguous caution occurs after commentary by IPCC that planet has the ability to protect the catastrophic change in climate until 2030.