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Hunters take down Whitetails, Ohio Wildlife Division looks to Cull More

During the deer season that ended this month, hunters took down a lot of whitetails. Despite this, the Ohio Division of Wildlife to remain on a mission says a notice. Biologist Mike Tonkovich, a deer specialist of the wildlife division, said, “We need to kill more antlerless deer in many parts of the state.”

A proposal to expand the use of discounted deer-management permits on private land has led to this killing spree. There is a need to get the whitetail numbers close to the county population. This permit needs to be expanded to all 88 Ohio counties during the entire 2021-22 season.

Including Franklin, Licking, and Knox in Central Ohio, the permits were legal in 24 counties during the past year. The discounted permits for antlerless deer could be up to the county bag limit. This would remain the same as the previous season of 2020-21.

The then three-deer counties would include Licking, Fairfield, Delaware, Union, and Knox. Hunters could take down six deer at the most—four in Franklin, two in Madison, and one in Pickaway. As long as they do not surpass the county limit, they were good to go.

A single antlered deer, requiring a regular permit, could be taken down during the season like in past years. Hunting in public land would need a standard permit in most cases. The eight-member citizen panel, the council, decides whether to accept or reject wildlife regulations for upcoming seasons each year.

A statewide virtual hearing has been scheduled on 18th March at 9 AM regarding the February proposals. The council voted on the hunting season during the April meeting.

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