President Donald Trump states that Washington has not been moving for discussions along with Iran. Also, if at all Tehran desires for negotiations, it should take the initial step with this regard.

“The False News that was made public is typically a false statement. Moreover, deprived of any information that the United States has been trying to initiate a negotiation with Iran. This is completely a fake report,” Trump writes in a tweet that did not identify the report he has been referring to.

“Iran may perhaps call us if as well as the minute they are all prepared for it. For now, their economy is continuously collapsing – which is bad news for the citizens of Iran!” Trump tweeted.

Trump has propelled hot as well as cold on Iran, leading to a number of people in Washington towards fear. This is because he is hastening for conflict, nevertheless also signifying that he has no wish of embroiling the United States in one more cold war.

Recently, on 19th May (Sunday), he elevated the temperature with his tweet that was warning that this could be the official end of Iran. Can this result in Iran attacking the United States.

The Donald Trump government is loading the pressure over Iran by the means of shredding up a hard-fought global deal. In order to steer the country far away from its nuclear determinations. Along with make an attempt towards shutting off Iran’s desperately needed exports of oil.

Furthermore, it had even sent an aircraft carrier as well as bomber planes within the region, referring to Iranian terrorizations to the US welfares.