In Singapore, T-SYSTEMS, a systems integrator and providers of healthcare ICT solutions, has proclaimed the inauguration of Healthcare Competency Center (HCC). Designed to display the current solutions of SAP and several methods where patients and customers will get advantage from SAP solutions, HCC expects to motivate customers on numerous possibilities where ICT solutions will be beneficial for the providers of healthcare. HCC is assisting the providers of healthcare that drives the revolution of developing technology to enhance the patient outcome and simultaneously to accomplish the cost efficacy.

In Southeast Asia, every country is facing infinite challenges on various fronts considering the concern of aging population, or enduring management and treatment of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. HCC exhibits the ICT solutions that can adequately report the requirements of healthcare in the region, customized for localized and healthcare for numerous countries.

Office of T-systems is situated in Singapore where HCC delivers the providers of healthcare with protests and utilize the cases of SAP solutions related to the developing technology.

T-systems have wide knowledge in the industry of healthcare, established cooperating environment with SAP, and implementing the integration of confirmed track record. HCC consumers will be capable to appeal on the proficiency to abstract the price out of the investment in the solution of SAP.

T-systems now works carefully with various consumers in the healthcare sector of Singapore, both in public and private sector, involving Agency for Integrated Care, IHiS, St. Andrew’s Community Hospital and Raffles Medical Group.

Further, than Singapore, EKA hospitals and Mitra Keluarga in Indonesia and Institute Jantung Negara is served by T-Systems in Malaysia.

For the customer of Indonesia, T-system has accomplished the services that are localized to fulfill the requirements of the market, comprising outpatient pharmacy management, insurance interface and pricing and the professional use cases like capability to programme covering up tax on the fees of doctor for billing on the basis of the regulations of local.

Arkadiusz Czopor, Asia South Managing Director of T-Systems, commented that “Focus on being customer-centric has meant that we have developed a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry. We are able to meet the ICT needs of the customers in the industry as we take considerable time to understand their specific needs, the challenges they face, and tailor expert advice accordingly.”

Khor Chern Chuen, Singapore Managing Director of SAP claims that “Our partnership with T-Systems combines the strength of their expertise together with our technology solutions in a one-stop center for the benefit of the healthcare industry. SAP’s track record in serving healthcare and healthcare customers will help others take the first steps on their transformation journeys, or explore more advanced use cases no matter where they are in their ICT adoption journeys”.